Best Vocal Plugins

best vocal plugins

Vocal Plugins and VST plugins can make a world of difference in achieving the perfect sound on your recordings. The wide variety of plugins currently available can help you personalize your sound, and give your audio a professional finish. The best part about VST plugins and vocal plugins is that you don’t have to spend loads of cash in order to grab some of the best quality tech on the market. Whether you’re in a home studio or a professional audio lab, the are some of the best vocal plugins.

Why does it matter?

The best way to ensure to notch audio quality is to record properly. However, recording properly isn’t the only essential step in the production process. Vocal plugins allow you to add depth to the dynamics of your sound, adding in different elements that make your audio stand out. If you or your performer don’t perfectly hit the tune of your song, then autotune VSTS will nicely adjust your raw audio to better fit your track. You can utilize a EQ plugin that will mediate any extreme frequencies in your recording, giving a smoother listen. You can get a handle on your tracks dynamics by utilizing a compressor, preventing any over the top levels in your track. Finally, various different effects such as delay, distortion or reverb allow you to shape your track to your influences and desires. Vocal plugins aren’t just a nice addition, they can truly define a track.

Best Vocal Plugins (Paid)

As with most things, the range of effects provided by vocal plugins drastically increases when you spend money. If you’re not convinced that spending a bit of cash on quality vocal plugins is worth it, the offerings of these plugins will surely convince you.


Melodyne is an industry leading audio tool that allows you to get in depth with your editing. The plugin is perfect for mixing vocals, allowing you to specifically isolate notes within a recording. This element of the software alone is magnificent, as the majority of vocal plugins produce recordings in waveforms, a far more limited output.

The Melodyne 4 studio is available for 849$, but they also offer a trial version. As well, the most basic program is only 89$, and is perfect for new sound designers looking to hone their craft. Certainly one of the most versatile and professional vst plugins available to date, Melodyne is well worth the price.

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Izotope Vocalsynth 2

Izotope Vocalsynth 2 is an audio effects rack that will give you a creative edge over the majority of other plugins. The process of mixing vocals is made easy with a massive list of effects like reverb, distortion, and pitch correction. This plugin even features a built in harmonizer, enabling you to mold vocal deliveries with increased harmonic textures.

Izotope offers the Vocalsynth 2 for only 199$, a cheap price for such a wide variety of vocal effects.

SSL E-Channel

This plugin is a bit more specific, catering specifically to vocal compression. The SSL E-Channel features two sections, equalization and dynamics. The equalization section will allow you to change the specific volume of your recordings, and the dynamics section features compression that will keep outputs steady.

This plugin is on sale for $99, normally offered for $249.

Best Vocal Plugins (Free)

Audio production comes in several forms. With those forms come varying budget ranges, some of which don’t include anything for extras. Maybe you’re a student, a hobbyist or possibly just on a budget. Regardless of the circumstances, being conscious of money shouldn’t prevent you from getting to know the wonders of audio effects and mixing. Here are some of the best vocal plugins on the market, all without a charge.

CamelCrusher - Camel Audio

The CamelCrusher is an absolutely iconic compression and distortion mechanism, giving massive variety to the tone of audio. This VST allows the color in your vocals to explode, with several fantastic presets. Massive customizability comes from every different knob, and every output gives a warm analog sound throughout your audio. One of the best distortion plugins ever made, the CamelCrusher can re-define your style completely. Download one of the best free vst plugins here.

Free Effects Bundle by Dead Duck Software

The last vocal plugin on our list isn’t just a single a plugin. Dead Duck Software produced a massive package of effects, all for free. Although not all of these effects are specific to vocal production and mixing, every single one of them can be useful to vocal tracks. Find it here, on Dead Duck Software’s website.

In Conclusion

These small plugins add a huge variety of tone and dynamics to your sound. Check them out to truly elevate your vocal recordings.