CAD DH100 – We Put It Through The Wringer

cad dh100

Finding the best headphones for drummers can be a long trail of wrong choices or confusing reviews. Some brands come highly recommended but cost a fortune, while other brands are virtually unheard of but are priced rather affordable. 

When it comes to the CAD DH100 drummer isolation headphones, we decided to put it through the wringer and test it out. Read more below on what we found, what we thought, and who we would recommend these isolation headphones to.

CAD DH100 Description

The CAD DH100 headphones almost sound like the perfect headphones when looking at them at first glance. They are designed for drummers, but work great for recording or listening to music. They are high-quality and they are an affordable pair of headphones for those looking to invest in their first pair!

This set of headphones is a high-quality, high-output pair of isolation drivers designed for drummers. Other users are welcome to try them out, but due to the nature of the CAD DH100’s design, they are best for drummers and are intended to be used by them. 

Thanks to isolation monitors, these headphones are great for both practicing and performing drummers. The DH100 drummer isolation headphones allow for users to hear music and click tracks with a continuous sound quality level. Users are able to constrict the ambiance by 19 dB while playing or listening on any track type with an enhanced bass response.

The CAD DH100 headphones have ear pads that are made for more than one purpose. They help cancel out other noises and keep your ears comfortable. The foam headphone cushions are designed with large cushions on both ears to provide long-lasting comfort for longer periods of time. The ear pads are adjustable and comfortable for full performances or short rehearsals.

These headphones are designed to reduce high-sound pressure levels and are made with 50mm high-output neodymium drivers. The overall design with comfortable ear cushions and an extended bass response really make these headphones comfy and high-quality. Plus, with the ability to reduce 19 dB of outside noise, these noise cancelling headphones are pretty well equipped.

Product Features & Specs

Equipped with top-notch features and specs, the CAD DH100 headphones will set you in good stead for your audio needs. They even sell at an affordable rate when you consider what most pro-level headphones are sold for these days. 

With a frequency response between 10Hz and 20kHz, these CAD DH100 drummer isolation headphones have a pretty decent range. They have a sensitivity of 105 dB @ 1mW and a maximum power rating of 500mW. You’ll find there’s a reduction in ambient noise of 19 dB and with a 50mmm neodymium drive, you’re well set-up. 

We found the curly cord design interesting and thankfully, it’s sufficient enough for use with a drum set. Studio users or those who tend to move around more should consider getting an extension cord though. 

With a 1 meter long cord (almost 40 inches), the CAD DH100 has both a ¼ inch and ⅛ inch connector options. The great news is you can also connect it to regular AUX connections with the 3.5mm jack. The CAD DH100 is also RoHS compliant. 

When shipped, the CAD DH100 headphones will arrive in a package measuring approximately 10.75” x 8.2” x 4.6”. The package shouldn’t weigh too much, just over a pound, and for those with larger mailboxes, it could be left inside when delivered for safe keeping. 

Comfort Level

The CAD DH100 has cushions for maximum comfort but after wearing it for hours, it can start feeling uncomfortable. At times, we had to take them off or adjust them in order to prevent our ears from getting too sore or even chafing.

Audio Quality

We loved the high-quality of sound from these headphones. When used in the studio, the sound was clear, crisp, and loud. Sometimes, the sound can be a little tinny or hollow, but overall, the CAD DH100 headphones did a good job at producing accurate, high-quality sound. 

At times, the sound can seem a tad distorted when played too loudly or after some time. If you’re planning on playing the headphones constantly at lower volumes, it’s likely that distortion will not be a problem.

We do recommend using the CAD DH100 drummer isolation headphones in the studio or for recording, rather than at a performance. While performing, you’ll often turn the volume up higher than when practicing or recording which is why we recommend these headphones for situations where you’ll be able to listen at lower volumes and enjoy the high-quality sound they provide.

If you’re looking for headphones to use in a more professional setting and you need high-quality headphones that won’t distort the sound at any level, we would suggest you look elsewhere. These headphones are better suited for home studio use or personal leisure. They will certainly get you started when recording or practicing, but anything more professional and you’ll want to invest in a better pair of headphones.

For those looking into these headphones not for drumming or studio use, you’ll be glad to know these headphones for great for music. These isolation headphones are a great option for listeners who want good quality sound and are looking for headphones that are a bit more technical than your basic earbuds.

These headphones blocked out ambient noise effectively. When we used them to record our drumming, they did a fantastic job at blocking out noise that often bled into the recordings. 


The CAD DH100 isn’t for everyone. These isolation headphones are better suited for those who want something to use while practicing, something to listen to music with, or those who are only just starting to set foot in the world of recording.

While the CAD DH100 drummer isolation headphones are great quality, we consider it to be mid-range in terms of where it stands in the market – there are certainly higher quality, more expensive options out there. However, for the price and product performance, we really believe the CAD DH100 drummer isolation headphones are a decent option and the perfect choice for amateur drummers or avid music fans.