Cheapest Way To Soundproof A Room

Cheapest Way To Soundproof a Room

Having a soundproof recording studio space is not a need when it comes to home recording, but it can definitely help you get the most organic, crisp sounds from your instruments. When it comes to clean audio, the desired audio source should be all your microphone can pick up, and this is where soundproofing comes in.

Depending on where you record, the quality and overall sound of your recordings can change dramatically. Depending on where you are, you will have different echos and tones that are picked up by your microphone.

We all agree that soundproofing is ideal, but it isn't always easily accessible, especially for a home studio. A soundproofing kit made with Auralex, a room-dampening material, can cost up of $500. That is essentially $500 for various pieces of foam. There are much less expensive ways to soundproof your home studio. Below are some even more budget-friendly techniques and to help make your home studio more soundproof.

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Keep Your Doors Closed and Sealed

Among the first suggestions to soundproofing a room is to make sure that doors are closed and sealed. Sound can slide through the gaps beneath doorways. If you block the gaps around your door, this will go a long way towards dampening the sound that gets into your recording area. For holes around lights or home windows, acoustic sealer can trap sound as well.

Cover Your Floors


The flooring of your room plays a big role in how sound travels around it. A hardwood or concrete floor can increase echo and muddy up the quality of your recordings. If you have carpets, you don't have to worry about this much. However, if you have hardwood floors, tile, concrete, or any other hard surface, make sure you lay down rugs to help decrease the amount of sound that will bounce off of your floors.

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Hang Drapes On Your Walls

There are a handful of methods to prepare walls for the purposes of dampening noise. Among the cheapest methods is to hang thick coverings or tapestries along your walls. If you have a preference regarding the area's look, attempt to hang visually pleasing patchworks or coverings to ensure you aren't destroying the vibe of your studio. You can likewise stand unused cushions against the walls to dampen the sound a little more.

Use Egg Cartons

Egg Carton

Egg cartons can be made use of to reroute and, therefore, deaden echos and noise in a room. They are an economical alternative to sound-dampening products, however, loading an entire area with egg cartons is both taxing and also uninviting to look at. Make sure to cover areas where the sound will bounce off of to ensure the most effective use of the cartons.

Soundproofing doesn't need to be incredibly expensive to be effective. While there are great kits that can help dramatically improve the soundproofing of a room, there is a lot you can do with cheap materials you likely already have on hand. With these tips, you can ensure that your home studio is able to record crisp, beautiful audio without breaking the bank.