Facts About The MEE M6 Pro VS Shure SE215 – A Battle of the Monitors


There’s a big market for the best in ear monitors that work well for musicians. You want something that will let you really hear the tones of your music, but that won’t break the bank. It’s not exactly easy to find a good pair of noise-isolating, professional earphones though, but we’ve narrowed it down to the MEE M6 Pro and the Shure SE215. If you’re deciding between these two, we’ve done all the work to help you out.

MEE M6 pro vs. Shure SE215 Overview

The MEE M6 Pro earphones are an update from the previous model, and they do a great job providing you with exact midrange sound, a common treble, and a generally smooth performance.

We liked that it was possible to separate the link out of the headphones, so you can use them with the cord or with the Bluetooth. It’s even possible to use seven unique sets of froth and silicone sleeves for the ears so that you can get a fit that matches your ears.

For the cost, this is a solid option. The fact that its customizable and can protect your ears from sweat makes it that much better. Travel with the M6 Pro without worrying about the earphones, since they’re made to be both sturdy and customizable. We found that it was sometimes a little difficult to get the Bluetooth connected, but they worked great with the cord.

Then we have the Shure SE215. These are also top-quality earphones that will provide you with some noticeable bass-helped sound quality. They’re well designed to stay in your ears even when you’re moving, so you won’t need to worry about they slipping out of your ears as you work. This is thanks to the over-the-ear shape, but they’re also quite lightweight too.

Which One Should You Pick?

Between these two, it’s true that the Shure SE215 are a little better for listening in-ear. They tend to feel more comfortable depending on the shape of your ear, but you also have the option to change the shape of the earpads if you pick the M6 Pro.

The isolation is better in the Shure SE215 though, and will let you better concentrate on your audio. Still, you may end up preferring the M6 Pro if only because the sound is indeed sharper, and because you have an in-line remote and microphone with this option.

Which one you pick really depends on what you’re looking for, so we’ll go into more detail about each option below.

When it comes to the M6 Pro versus the Shure SE215, there are various features that sets them apart, so let’s consider what makes easy of them unique.


You can adjust the fit on both of these earphones with interchangeable ear pieces, meaning that any one of them might work for you. That being said, the Shure does tend to fit a little more comfortably with the ear hooks and with the expandable foam. The M6 Pro might feel a little bit awkward for some people.


Both sets of headphones are fairly easy to wear if only because they’re both lightweight. You shouldn’t feel these headphones in your ears when you set them in.


You can detach the cord from the earphones in both of these options, so you’re able to wear them in a way that will be comfortable to you. When it comes to ease-of-use though, the M6 might be a step up though, if only because they include in-line controls that the Shure SE215 doesn’t have. With the Shure SE215, you’ll have to adjust the controls on your phone unless you choose to buy a different cord that will have the controls there.

The cable and how easily it might tangle also plays into how easy your headphones are to use, so know that both of these have cords that are made not to tangle and to be durable.


The difference between these two options really comes down to the sound. While they both sound good and include a range of sound, the M6 handles highs and lows really well, without handling your mids quite as well. In contrast, the Shure SE215 tends to do better with your mid sound. It still includes a balanced sound, but it doesn’t quite punch your highs and lows as much.

There are some solid drivers in the Shure SE215 earphones, which means that the audio is quite good. The sound signature is a little more neutral, with good mid-level sounds that’s very detailed and rhythmic. You can hear the nuance in the lyrics and sound, although the treble of the beats. The bass response isn’t as strong as with the M6 Pro, and there’s not as much of a punch to the sound, but the sound is very well balanced.

With the M6 Pro, you get some solid sound. We especially noticed the sound of the bass, which stood out a little more in these earphones than in some other options we’ve tried before. You can’t used balanced cables with the 6.35mm adaptor, but you do still have the highs and lows standing out well and with a balanced sound.

Granted, the background detailing isn’t all that strong, and the mid-level sound is not the strongest, but the mids are not muddied by the bass either. The highs work well too, although it’s really the bass that stands out. For the price though, the sound is great.

With all this being said, both have a suitable sound isolation that prevents you from dealing with too much interference from outside sounds.


The Shure SE215 earphones are fairly low-key in design, with that in-ear appearance that gives you good sound. They’re typical in terms of the appearance, but they actually fit more deeply into the ear to provide you with better sound.

When you look at the M6 Pro, you’ll notice that it has transparent casing in the earphones. You can see the simplicity of the technology there with just one single dynamic driver, but you can also get a custom faceplate that can elevate the look of the headphones. You will have to purchase these custom faceplates, of course, but they can be pasted on either side of your driver unit. This makes them quite classy though.

Ultimately, we would say that the M6 Pro stands out just a little bit more in terms of appearance. You can get it engraved to personalize it, especially if you plan on having it for a while. The clear look makes it stand out as well.

This doesn’t mean that the Shure SE215 is a bad option though. It just doesn’t quite look as interesting as the transparent look that the M6 sports.


The Shure SE215 are a durable set of earphones, with a cord made out of Kevlar that ensures that it will stay strong and that won’t get tangled while you travel with them. The build quality is well-done, so although you’re lacking in-line controls, you’ll at least be able to rest assured that these earphones won’t break.

When it comes to the MEE Audio M6 Pro, the cord is made to stay sturdy and not to get tangled, and it’s nice to know that the headphones and cord are very durable too. The Y-split is strong, and uses elastic that will prevent it from breaking if you decide to use the cord.


The Shure SE215 in-ear earphones include a molded closure on them that lets the earphones sit in your ear while the cable wraps around the top of it. This ensures that it will stay fitted in your ear for a secure fit that won’t fall out even during a performance. You can even compress the black foam ones before you fit them in your ears, not only adding to the comfort level, but blocking out any extra sound.

It’s also not difficult for you to get used to wearing these earphones either. It’s simple to find a comfortable fit with the interchangeable earpieces depending on the shape of your ear, and all you have to do is to bend the ear hooks at an angle that will cradle the ear.

For the most part, the MEE M6 Pro headphones are quite low profile, so they’re easy to wear around without even noticing them. They’re lightweight too, with a flat driver shell that doesn’t stick out and a cable that doesn’t feel bulky or irritating. It might take some time for you to get the perfect fit on these though as you get used to them.  


When it comes to the Shure SE215, It’s important to point out that you’re able to detach your cord. You can remove the cord to wear them as Bluetooth earphones. You don’t have the option to use in-line controls like the M6 Pro though, so you’ll need to have your phone in your hand to change the controls.

You can customize the MEE Audio M6 Pro earphones to an extent. Remove the cord to decide whether you want Bluetooth or not, and choose which shape of the ears will be most comfortable to you. The ear tips come in various shapes and sizes for you to choose from.

You can also replace a few other parts of these headsets, such as the cable. If you’re looking for a longer cable, you can make the choice to replace it. You can also add in the laser-engraved metal plates for the appearance too.


You have some good options out there when it comes to earphones, which is great when it comes to getting yourself a pair of high-quality professional-sounding earphones. Narrowing your options down to the MEE Audio M6 Pro vs Shure SE215 is a good first step, but as you try to choose between these two, you might have some trouble. That’s why we reviewed both of these headphones and tested them out so that you could pick which one will work best.

Depending on what type of sound you’re looking for and what features you need in your headphones, one of them might just be the right pair for your music.