Polk Audio 265RT and Polk Audio 265LS – Know The Facts

Looking for the best in wall speakers is always a bit of a challenge. There are so many different brands and models out there, you may not know where to start. Familiar name brands may be a good place to go to first, but those speakers are often expensive and may take more of your money than you’d like to give.

If you really want good quality speakers that are also affordable, Polk Audio is a great place to start. The speaker company provides top notch speakers that won’t break the bank and they’re fairly well known. Polk Audio is in fact one of my favorite speaker brands and for good reason. If you’ve ever bought or used a speaker from them, then you understand why. If you haven’t, then get ready to discover what may potentially become your new favorite brand.

If you are unfamiliar with Polk Audio, then the next section is for you. We’ll talk all about how Polk Audio got started and just why you should look into Polk audio speakers. After that, we’ll dig right into 265RT and 265LS – two of our favorite speakers from them and compare them directly side by side. By the time you’ve finished reading, you’ll have all the answers to your questions and you’ll be ready to buy a new speaker system.

About The Polk Audio Brand

Polk Audio got started in 1972 by a small group of friends. The Polk Audio goal was to create the best speakers they could afford and by forming a team of engineers and music lovers, their goal was met. All of their speakers today are designed by close knit groups that work together to develop affordable speakers that can impress even the most proud music lover.

One of Polk Audio’s business beliefs is that great sound shouldn’t be affordable by only the rich or well off. Instead, their whole focus is to make music as affordable as possible so even lower income households can enjoy great sound without worrying about the price. 

Not just a home speaker brand, Polk Audio makes great speakers for cars and houses. The Polk Audio brand is also familiar with other types of audio products. From FM tuners to amplifiers to handheld speakers, Polk Audio can do it all.

Now headquartered in San Diego, California, Polk Audio continues to work closely with audio professionals to create affordable speakers that work on any occasion. 

Polk Audio 265 RT

Polk Audio produces many different types of speakers, but here we are going to look at home wall speakers. One of Polk Audio best wall speakers is the 265 RT, a fantastic three way speaker that produces great sound. 

As some people may know, oftentimes the sound frequency from a speaker is distorted as it reflects off different surfaces nearby. The Polk Audio 265 RT accounts for this, however, and uses a special system to combat distortion. It uses reflective technology to prevent the frequency from being disrupted while emitting audio. This greatly reduces distortion and makes your audio quality much better.

Another feature that Polk Audio uses to reduce distortion is Power Port Technology. This allows the speaker to be able to transition airflow in the room and reduces turbulence. If you’ve had problems before with speakers sounding strange or distorted, then you can rest assured that Polk Audio has gone to great lengths to keep their speakers from presenting this problem.

In order to provide your home with a fantastic sound system that can also function as surround sound, the 265 RT speaker is able to rotate on its mount. When put together with the rest of Polk Audio’s Vanishing Speakers series, you’ll have a full surround sound system that can impress even the biggest self-proclaimed audio snobs.

But how do you mount this speaker? After all, some wall speakers require more work than others and the last thing you want is to find out you’ll have to hire someone to set the speaker up after you’ve just bought it.

Luckily, the 265 RT by Polk Audio is a pretty easy speaker to set up. It uses brackets and flanges and the included instructions are easy to follow so you won’t get stuck. Even with the rotation abilities of this speaker, the set up is simple and won’t take several hours.


We’ve mentioned the most main features of this particular speaker by Polk Audio, but what exactly are the measurements and specifications or this speaker? For the relatively low price, you may not be expecting much, but Polk Audio pulls through and sells a great product as you can see.

  • As mentioned before, this is a three way speaker. You’ll get the best sound possible from this full range speaker box. 
  • This speaker features a frequency range of 30 Hz to 27,000 Hz and an upper -3dB limit of 25,000 Hz and a lower -3dB limit of 45 Hz. 
  • The speaker itself is small and built to be invisible in your wall. It is just over 3.5 inches deep and weighs around 8 pounds, but the wall mount it comes with is perfectly capable of holding this speaker safely and securely in place no matter how loud or how long your play music. 


  • Super easy to mount and set up
  • Uses anti-distortion technology to provide the best sound quality
  • Very robustly built and made to last
  • Affordable

Polk Audio 265 LS

Another great wall speaker by Polk 6 Audio, the Polk Audio 265 LS is also part of their Vanishing series that is made to impress. This Polk Audio 265 LS is a three way wall speaker that’s built to be invisible and has no visible speaker boxes once mounted. There is no way you won’t be impressed by this Polk Audio 265 LS powerful speaker after mounting it and using it with bass venting system. Even if you can’t see it, you’ll know it is there.

The inconspicuous design isn’t where it ends, however. The Polk Audio 265 LS is also equipped with the same anti-distortion technology as the 265 RT and bass venting system. Polk Audio 265 LS uses reflective technology to prevent any disturbances in the room from affecting the audio quality. The same Power Port technology is used as well to keep the sound smooth and reliable.

Once this Polk Audio 265 LS wall speaker is mounted in your wall, it only protrudes a mere 7mm, around ¼ inch. You can even paint the outside of the speaker face to match your wall colour and make it all the more invisible. The wall speaker comes in white so it’s easy to paint or may be ready to blend into your wall as it is.

Is this speaker more difficult to mount than the 265 RT? No! In fact, it’s just as easy. It comes with a perfectly fitting mount and easy to follow instructions so you don’t have to take up the better part of your day attempting to install your new speaker. Once you’ve got everything unpacked and ready to go, it should only take you a little while before your wall speaker is ready to use.

Just like Polk Audio’s 265 RT model, this speaker can be used with others in the Vanishing Speakers series. They must all be bought separately, but if you are interested in later making a home surround sound system, this is a great starting place. All the Vanishing series speakers are easy to install and invisible. They also use the same reflective and Power Port technology to prevent audio distortion.


We went over the 265 RT’s specification, so it’s time we go over the Polk Audio 265 LS. Honestly, the speakers are pretty similar. While the Polk Audio 265 LS has a horizontal orientation instead of a vertical one, the speakers feature much of the same technology. Here, however, you will find some of those more exact specifications or details.

  • Just like all the Vanishing series speakers, the Polk Audio 265 LS is a three way speaker that provides powerful sound throughout the entire room.
  • The upper and lower -3dB limits on this speaker are 29,000 Hz and 41 Hz respectively. The frequency range on the Polk Audio 265 LS is 28 Hz to 33,000 Hz, making this speaker a little more powerful than the 265 RT.
  • The speaker is just under 4 inches deep, measuring 3.75 inches and weighing 9 pounds. Not to worry, though. The accompanying mount can completely handle this speaker.


  • Can be matched with all other speakers in Polk’s Vanishing series
  • Uses anti-distortion technology to keep the audio quality high
  • Easy to set up and mount
  • Affordable 


Polk Audio has always created high quality speakers at an affordable price. No, they won’t be at the very bottom of the price list, but they are equipped with more features and perform better than most home speakers in their price range. You won’t be disappointed by Polk 6 Audio and the fact that their Vanishing Series is sold in pieces so you can customize it a bit more is just an added bonus. Whichever speaker you choose to buy, there’s no doubt you’ll be impressed and soon looking to add to your Polk collection.