Stanton T 62 Preamp – All The Facts and More

stanton t62

Whether you’re a professional DJ or just someone who enjoys playing records, finding the perfect preamp can be both a fun experience and a draining chore. Just like every electronic device or neat product, there are hundreds of possible brands to choose from and so many different styles available. It can almost be too overwhelming.

If you’re just getting started in DJing, then purchasing a super expensive preamp may not be a great choice. After all, if you end up dropping the hobby after a few months or just find that you don’t particularly enjoy it, it’s better to only be out a few bucks than several hundred. Once you’ve got more experience under your belt and know where you want to take your mad DJ skills, investing in a fancy preamp may be right up your alley. 

Luckily, not all high quality preamps cost a small fortune. There are some genuinely great preamps available on the market today that are what one might consider affordable or even budget friendly. The Stanton T62 is one such available preamp.

For those who aren’t familiar with Stanton, don’t fret. In general, it’s a pretty great budget preamp that is equipped with just about any feature a DJ could need or want. We’ve put together a fantastic and comprehensive review on it so that by the time you’ve finished reading, you’ll have a much clearer idea about whether these features will benefit you, or if you could live without them. You’ll also know if the Stanton T62 is the best choice for you or not.

Read below to find out more about the Stanton T62 preamp and all the equipped features.

The Stanton T62 Preamp

This preamp is absolutely decked out in tools and features that any DJ may want to use. This makes it a great choice for aspiring DJs, but if you’re just looking for somewhere to play your records or use at home, you should consider looking into a different product. While the added features and benefits on the Stanton T62 are fantastic for DJing, they may just get in the way for any other use.

If you’re here looking for something to help further you advance your DJ skills, then the Stanton T62 is definitely a fantastic choice. With an average size of 20.5 x 7.3 x 17.4 inches and a weight of 16.5 pounds, this preamp is relatively portable and won’t take up a ton of space. It has a straight tone arm designed to improve your scratching and two start stop switches to make mixes and battles much easier to set up. 

This is a direct drive turntable which really is ideal for DJing. With a direct drive turntable system, you have more control over the sound and music played since the drive motor is connected directly to the platter instead of through a belt. You’ll have a more precise level of control – it makes a great dj turntable for beginners and professionals DJs.

The preamp is built with aluminum and plastic, but it doesn’t feel light and cheap. The overall design and feel of the preamp is closer to the Audio Technica AT-LP120 and has a more premium feel to it than you may be expecting from the price. 

The sleek black and silver aesthetic really gives it a classic, yet unique look that will definitely add some style to your setup. Instead of the new minimalist look most preamps have these days, the Stanton T62 gives off a much more classic DJ vibe.

Pre-mounted with the legendary Stanton 300 cartridge, this preamp does a pretty great job at reducing surface noise and preventing your tracks from skipping or crackling at the wrong times. The music comes out clean and smooth and has a high quality sound to it that you won’t find in most other preamps in a similar price range.

The Stanton T62 features two different playback speeds: 33 RPM or 45 RPM. It can also play vinyls of any size, whether it’s a 7 inch, 10 inch, or 12 inch vinyl that catches your fancy. You can easily connect external speakers with the included RCA outputs, though you might want to invest in your own audio cables if you want to have a range further than three feet. 

Two neat features are the pitch control fader and the slipmat. Both will allow you finer control over your tracks, whether you’re looking to adjust the tempo or pitch or add some flare of your own. The pitch fader has a range of plus or minus 10%, but this definitely allows you enough room to play around with your own sounds.


  • A high quality preamp at an affordable, budget friendly price
  • Built for DJing with added features and specifications
  • Direct drive turntable that’s easy to operate
  • Straight tone arm for excellent tracking
  • Great sound quality
  • Comes with pitch control slider


  • Not best for any use other than DJing
  • No option for Bluetooth, headphone, or USB connection


Some preamps can be incredibly complicated or difficult to set up so it’s important to know what you’re getting yourself into before making a purchase. Fortunately, the Stanton T62 isn’t too complex or difficult. 

The preamp comes with easy to follow instructions that should make setting up simple. Although this preamp is great for both beginners and professionals alike, no specific knowledge is necessary. As long as you can follow an instruction manual and are willing to spend a few minutes dedicated to figuring out what does what, you shouldn’t have any problems in set up or usage of the Stanton T62.


As we mentioned above, the sound quality on this preamp is really phenomenal for the price you’ll pay. Thanks to the straight tone arm, there is excellent tracking and won’t skip when you don’t intend for it to. 

Everything from instrumentals to vocals can be played through this preamp and the sound will consistently come across as clear and rich. The pre-installed cartridge is a fantastic addition as well and will manage both the bass and high end very well at the same time. 

In Comparison

Since the Stanton T62 is more of a budget friendly preamp option, it’s a bit difficult to compare. The preamp is very well equipped for the price which means that any preamps with competitive features will cost quite a bit more. Audio-Technica has similar models that run for much more than the Stanton T62. Even Stanton sells a model that’s relatively similar, but costs quite a bit more.

The biggest difference between the Stanton T62 and equal competitors besides that price is probably the overall quality. These preamps will be made with higher quality materials and come with a USB connection option which the T62 lacks. For the higher price, you’ll be paying for just a few added features, but if you enjoy transferring your audio onto a digital track format, then it may be worth it to go ahead and invest in one of the more expensive options.


Other preamps within the same price range as the Stanton T62 will have comparatively fewer features and not have such a high sound quality. For those looking into a preamp for DJing, it’s a better deal to go ahead with the T62. However, if you are looking for a preamp to play records and vinyls at home, then finding something in a lower price range would be in your best interest. 

While the Stanton T62 is a great preamp, it is first and foremost for DJing. Any other reason and you’ll be better off finding something cheaper and with fewer added features.